VT audio-production is a hybrid mixing and mastering studio, based in Bavaria, Germany. Founded in 2018, VT audio-production offers high resolution music productions in a very large range of musical genres. After a complete redesign of the studio in 2019/2020, we're now able to offer an international quality-standard from the beginning to the end of the processing chain. The studio is specialised in mixing and mastering "in the box", with additional high-end analogue gear for summing and stereo-processing. This will guarantee a fast workflow as well as a simple and quick recall, which is resulting in efficient turn-around times. You can find all technical specifications and equipment on the studio-page.
mixing and mastering solutions with quick and easy file-transfer
recallable quality due to a completely lossless audio-system
the flexibility of a digital workstation combined with the sound of the analogue world

how does it work?

step 1: request and file upload
1. send us a request incl. billing address and a signed copy of our contact sheet. (you can find a copy in the download section) 2. upload your files by clicking "file upload" above. for further details, please check out the download section or FAQs.
step 2: production, mix and master
after we have received your files, we will start to work and produce, mix & master your project in our studio. We're able to deliver all files for CD production as well as online distribution for Youtube, Spotify, Amazon lossless ultra HD and iTunes (Apple Digital Masters)
step 3: delivery and approval
we´ll send over your files and you can enjoy the result. all files will be delivered via download link (dropbox). Everything will be send as MP3 for approval. All files for distribution will be send after final payment.


drop us a line!

since every production is absolutely unique, please contact us to speak about your next project and ideas!
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