Our studio page – everything about us and the gear we use to create your unique sound.



Focal SM9
Auratone 5C – Classic – Alesis RA500 Amplifier
Marshall Acton
Anker Soundcore 2
Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro
Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro

AD/DA Converter

Universal Audio Apollo X8

Monitor Controller:

Antelope Satori incl. RS 4 Remote


SSL Fusion
API Lunchbox – 6BHC
Warm Audio Wa-273-EQ
Neve Portico 542
Wes Audio – Dione
Warm Audio EQP-WA
IGS Tubecore 3U Mastering Edition (6BC8 Tubes)
Revox B77 2-TK – High Speed (7,5-15ips), Quartz-Clocked, SM911
DBX 150 Type I – Noise Reduction System
Soundtracs Topaz 24-8-2 – Inline Recording Console + Klotz-Cable Multicore


Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite – Thunderbolt, Octo + tons of universal plugins
Sonarworks Reference 4 – Studio Version
Izotope Music Production Suite (incl. Ozone 9, RX 7, Neutron 3, Vocal Synth 2, etc.)
Revoice Pro 4.2
Pro Tools
Logic Pro X
Steinberg Wavelab Pro
Superior Drummer 3 + additional EZX Libraries
tons of other plugins (SPL, Klanghelm, Sonnox, Waves, Oeksound, etc.)

Workstation + Data Safety

iMac 27″, Mid 2020, i7 8-Core, 3,8 Ghz, 1 TB SSD, 32 GB RAM, Mac OS10.15 – Catalina
Netgear 2304 Readynas Network Storage – 32TB – Seagate IronWolf 7200 rpm / s – Raid 6


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After 15 years of being a musician in very different styles of music, I decided to immerse myself into the world of music production.

As a musician, my goal has always been to find the intention of each song and a way to transport it to the listener. I´ll put this experience into every project in order to achieve the best possible quality and result.

If we wanna create a unique, world-class mix, it is always important for me to know your thoughts before we start. What are you going to tell the people out there? What kind of feelings do you want to transport?
For a mixing project, my starting point is always your personal best rough mix on that we can build on.
It is always fun to create new songs and push a starting band to the next level of their career. All I can say is that a cool record is always the best starting point for that in these days.

VT audio-production · mixing and mastering · studio · file upload · price list · contact · downloads · FAQs · music production

Check out the studio above and contact us if you are interested to work with us. We’re excited to know more about your project. Stay tuned! 🙂 – Tim from VT audio-production